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Our Source

We source the wildest natural honey from a 1000+ years parampara of tribal beekeepers in the foothill forest of Himalayas. They follow the most traditional and ethical way of honey extraction from the wildest forest beehives. Each extraction undergoes a traditional filtration process followed by the tribal beekeepers to obtain the purest wild forest honey in its natural form.

We procure from the Himachal Himalayan Forest belt near the foothills of himalayas. We don’t have a huge production infrastructure and our stock is as wild and pure as it is procured on a day to day basis and its availability is seasonal. Dont wait to place your order to taste the wildest Honey from the Himalayas.


Committed to provide one of the best in the world all the way from dense forests.


Our Commitment

We follow high standards of professionalism and business ethics.

Dedication and determination towards the quality. Striving continuously towards goodwill and improvements to progress.

Wild Wild Honey has a global business network which provides integrated supply chain and high-quality control procedures. To gain clients’ trust, Wild Wild Honey keeps pursuing perfection and insistence to serve. We work hard to reach a win-win situation with our clients.

Drawing on the advantage of our full supply chain management, we enrich the coverage of our services, from the honey sourcing and stringent quality control measures dedicated to assisting our clients providing one of the most valuable products.

The development of the complete procurement sourcing and supply chain management system achieves a synergy of enterprise economic benefits, environmental protection, and resource conservation.

Our Promise Our Quality
Traditional filtration

No Heating or processing done to retain the wild nature of the honey as is and we make the original characteristics of raw honey be retained through the traditanal filtration process.

NABL Certified

Antibiotics and 18 point test conducted in Routine by NABL Accredited labs, to ensure our Wild honey is 100% safe for consumption. as its procured directly from the wild forest.

NMR Test

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy is a chemistry methodology employed to analyze the ingredients and purity as well as its structure on a molecular level, *Our test results are awaited and to prove our honey is non adulterated.

Lowest HMF

Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) levels indicated lowest in the market which is below 7mg/kg, indicating freshness of our product compared to other honey products

Bee Keepers

Meet our bee keepers of honey production professionals

1000+ years of Tradition

Himalayan Forest Honey

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